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23 hours ago by Andrew Fisher
When news first broke that the Philadelphia Eagles had signed free agent running back Felix Jones, many people didn’t really understand the move. Running back was hardly a position need for the Eagles, with two very capable backs already on the roster. But, it is a new era in Philly, and you can never have enough playmakers on the roster. So after thinking about the signing of Jones, it seems like a ‘why not?’ type of deal.

The acquisition of Jones does lead one to believe that the Eagles aren’t completely sold on Bryce Brown. He showed tremendous promise once he took over for the injured LeSean McCoy late last season, but he also fumbled as many times as he started (4).

Jones provides depth for Philadelphia, and when he’s healthy, he’s a guy who can go out and get 100 yards if necessary. The problem is that he’s never healthy. He’s now played five seasons, and in that time frame he’s only started 23 games. His career high is 800 rushing yards in a season. When you really look in depth at Jones’ career, it’s surprising it took him this long to become a No. 3 back.

Jones is much more talented than his position on the depth chart heading into training camp would indicate. I think there’s still a lot of good football in him, and maybe a reduced role with a team like the Eagles is exactly what he needed. Jones is in a no pressure situation now. Eagles’ fans should view any production from him as a bonus, but if he can actually stay on the field for an entire season, the bonus might be pretty nice.

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