This Section is created for Felix Jones Fans. Ask your questions and periodically Felix Jones will choose well written questions which he will respond to. Please feel free to ask anything you want, also understand that obscene, disturbing, or foul language will not be allowed.

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    olin wright

    hey felix are you still doing a camp this year in tulsa? and if so when is it –

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    Dave W

    Welcome to Steeler Country. The reinvented PGH version of Felix is gonna shine (it worked out well for the Bus). Looking forward to your having a long successful career as a Steeler.

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    Hi Felix, I was wondering if you chose number 38 before the Head and Shoulders commercial aired, or if you picked it because of that? Good luck this year.

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    Justin Daniels

    Hello Felix,
    Let me start by saying how proud I am to call you a classmate and fellow BTW alum. I am have watched your career in Dallas and now in Philly, I know you will do great things.
    I am reaching out because I have started a new move-ment in the North Tulsa community. Being from North Tulsa, I don’t have to tell you that most of what gets reported through traditional media about North Tulsa is 90% negative. I believe that if we want a stage for positvity to flourish, we must create that stage and stop waiting for someone else to do it for us. So, that;s is exactly what ILoveNorthTulsa.Com is all about we have created for the first time, a online magazine that will focus on shining a light on what is RIGHT in North Tulsa. We are also creating a North Tulsa Pride Shop, we will carry tshirts, sweaters, bumper stickers and a host other items. We would love to send you a shirt and have you take a picture in the shirt for our website. This would be a HUGE help and would not cost you a penny. When you get a chance please check out our Facebook page,

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Justin Daniels
    Editor-at-Large and Founder of ILoveNorthTulsa.COM

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    When you coming back to see the Hogs play? Big game this weekend with Alabama.. We need your support!

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    Adam C

    Whats up Felix the Cat?! I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 1990 and I am getting a little concerned. Should I be? I believe we have the most talented team in the league but we cant seem to pull it together. I have complete faith in you guys and I know it will click soon. Texans goin’ down this weekend.

    God Bless.

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    Julia Banks

    So! I’m a huge Cowboys fan (thanks to my dad and Grandmama), and realized this year that so are most of my third grade boys. I work a title one school in Oak Cliff. It is an amazing school because we have amazing students. These kids don’t have much, and sometimes the things that upset them are so incredibly adult it’s sad! I have been trying in anyway I can think of, to get a Cowboys player to come to our school and talk to the kids about the importance of dreams, goals, and education. It would make their year to meet a Dallas Cowboy, and it would make a permanent impact on their lives to have someone they admire look them in the eyee and tell them that someone believes in them. My question is this: can you or anyone on the team schedule a time to come to the school? I will gladly provide more information if it is at all possible.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Julia Banks

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    Which teammate are you closest with and why?

    I am a HUGEEEE Dallas Cowboys Fan, as well as a huge fan of yours!!! SHOW EM WHAT YOUR MADE OF FELIX!!! I want a big WIN this weekend, I’m looking forward to it!! LETS GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in the washington dc area, and am tired of these skins fans around here…gimme something to be proud of Cowboys, and make them all STFU! =]

    –Number 1 Cowboys fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cody S

    Why does it seem like the cowboys forgot how to put points on the board in the off season? The lack of intensity just bores me to death. I love what you do for the Cowboys but haven’t seen you do anything yet is it because of the OL?


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