This Section is created for Felix Jones Fans. Ask your questions and periodically Felix Jones will choose well written questions which he will respond to. Please feel free to ask anything you want, also understand that obscene, disturbing, or foul language will not be allowed.

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    First of all my son thinks you are awsome! How often do you have signings? Do you decide where you sign? Just keep Weatherford in mind.

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    How much of the rotation is a problem with the offense? Does it not allow you to get into a rhythm? It seems as though everytime a RB is gaining yards, Garrett switches it up and it throws the drive off.

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    Bobbi Schulle

    Hey Felix!

    I unfortunately won’t be able to make it to your meet and greet tonight because I have work and class, but I was wondering if you will be having any more of these opportunities? Good luck Sunday! Keep playing hard!

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    what is wade phillips like when he’s angry? he seems like he’s too passive to freak out on anyone but i’m sure he was upset with the outcome of the first two games this season. which, by the way, i have faith in my boys and i know ya’ll are gonna bounce back!! GO COWBOYS!

    also, what do i gotta do for you to follow me on twitter? haha

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    Eric Keesee

    Felix, you’re on my fantasy team. Should I start you this week? Should I expect you’ll break a long one?!

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    Arell Davis

    Do you think that most people believe that because Dallas is Americas Team they should not be making the mistakes that are being made?

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    How do you feel about people saying with the wieght you’ve put on since last season that you’ve lost your burst? After an 0-2 start what can we, as fans, expect to see from you and the rest of the team this week against Huston?

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    Seeing as though you’re not getting many touches in the running game, would you like to be more involved in special teams? It appears that there are not enough oppotunities given to you make something happen.

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    Trev Moore

    Have you put on more weight perhaps to make your durable? If so, do you think it has effected your quickness?

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    Jon F.

    Hey Felix! TNew, Jenkins, and Sensabaugh have admitted that the Cowboys are being overhyped by everyone and that some of the players are taking the Superbowl hype to their heads. Do you agree with them? If so, will we see an immediate change within the team in the near future?

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    jeremy breitbach

    hey felix i was just wondering do you think you’ll be the feature back this year before the year is done? Because i think you should and just have marion barber finish off the games like they used to do with julius jones. i just feel the cowboys would have a better chance winning and defenses would have to go into the game differently and have to worry about you busting one for a long td! GO COWBYS!

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    do you worry that dallas dont give you alot of plays, cause i know they know you are explosive.


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