Felix Jones 2 “Running Back to Make a Difference” Foundation.

  • Legal Status. Oklahoma not-for-profit Corporation. 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization.
  • Mission. To inform, inspire, and empower low-income high school student-athletes to become well-rounded and productive citizens through education and relevant life skill and college preparatory training.
  • Vision. To assist low-income high school student-athletes to maximum their time, talents, and opportunities by serving as a tangible resource that helps improve their academic, life, and athletic skills and performance.
  • Target Demographic. Low-income 13-18 year-old, high school

Current Programs the Foundation Financially Supports

Felix Jones, II Free Football & Life Skills Camp Created so that low-income high school student-athletes understand the vital role that academics and mental preparation play in life, including the pursuit of greatness in football, the Camp’s objectives are simple: (1) to assist student-athletes in the fulfillment of their athletic goals; and (2) to stress the importance of being more than an athlete, by focusing the student-athlete’s attention on the academic and life skills needed to transition from high school to college and to the “pros,” whether as a football player or a member of another viable professional career (e.g., teacher, attorney, doctor).

Felix Jones, II ACT & College Preparatory Program

Administered by Salvation Army’s North Mabee Boys & Girls Club, this program prepares high school students for college entrance exams and provides assistance with applications for college, financial aid and scholarships. The program includes field trips and provides information regarding financial assistance to promote education beyond high school. The program provides professional and peer counseling, tutoring, basic skills testing and evaluations.